Functional First Aid

KEEPING YOUR KIDS SAFE – The top 7 first aid situations covered

Do you have the specific skills to keep your babies and children safe?

Being a parent is stressful enough. And first aid emergencies don’t just happen to adults. If you are a parent, a carer or you simply work with children, knowing what to do when a child is involved in an emergency is especially important. Yes, call 000 but do you know what to do to immediately manage the situation and keep your kids safe?

Lasting approx 3 hours, this tailored first aid course will give you practical training in CPR and offer additional skills to manage the most common first aid emergencies for little ones. A laminated booklet with quick reference management advice is provided for you to keep at home in case an emergency occurs with your little one.

Perfect for you and your partner, or invite a group of friends and we will come and train in the comfort of your home.

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First aid for babies

At the end of the training you will receive nationally recognised CPR qualifications and gain additional skills and knowledge in-

Febrile convulsions and fever management

Allergies, anaphylaxis and epipens

Asthma and the use of puffers


Choking and airway management


Bites and stings

KEEPING YOUR KIDS SAFE - The top 7 first aid situations covered -

What to do for a choking baby or child